Road Work! Yay!

Yay! Road Work! I can’t wait! It was supposed to start at the end of May according to the DOT but I have yet to see any construction other than this fine, budget-conscious sign. No expense spared. I hope they don’t cut corners on the road, too, and make it even narrower – it’s already treacherous and near the top of the list of worst roads I’ve ever driven which includes the road to Punta Allen.

For a dose of mortality, drive the road at dusk with moose lurking on the edges and loaded logging trucks swaying and hurtling down the road towards you. If you get past that without getting pitched off the road while driving the sections that look like an earthquake hit earlier in the day, the drunk driver swerving towards you or the tourist stopped in the middle of the road (inevitably around a corner) ogling the aforementioned moose will truly make it a white-knuckle experience.

To be fair, everyone looks like a drunk driver on this road. The bumps and potholes kinda toss you around no matter how tight you clutch the steering wheel. Maybe a beer or two straightens things out.

Anyway, I’m thrilled for any pavement they put on this road. Stay tuned for the post where I cuss about road construction.