The big surprise in the photos, for me, is the pile of moose bones. I’m borrowing this foster dog, who came with the name “Kimball” but I’m calling her “Little One” or “Kimmy”. I take her out for walks a couple times a day, you know, to do business and get exercise. Down by the camp where they hang a flag off the telly pole, there were a couple moose hooves on the west side of the road. They look just like pigs hooves that you buy at the petstore except a little bigger.

Anyway, it was weird to see them just lying in the road like that. I happened to look down in the gully, and there was a moose carcass! It’s picked clean so it’s probably been there a while. My best guess is that it was hit by a truck in the winter and got pitched off the road. I think it’s close enough to camp that I would have smelled it rotting but I didn’t, so I bet it was a winter kill and was the pantry for the local wildlife. Just a guess.