Spring HAS to be close. This morning an otter was fishing in a hole way out on the lake near the cormorant stick . He then scooted over to where Otter Brook enters the lake which is pretty much the only part of the lake that is melted as of today (Apr 17, 2011).. There were a couple of geese and possibly a merganser or two bobbing around the inlet as well.

The pics are grainy because I had to use the optical zoom and I haven’t figured out how to get that right. The first one is an otter on the left and two geese on the right. Really, it is. I realize that it looks a bit like a loch ness monster pic, but it’s all I’ve got.

The otter spent most of the morning diving and fishing and eating and right in front of the geese who must have felt like they came to the party a bit early. It was cool watching the otter though. He seemed a lot bigger than the otter from last year and is the first one I’ve seen this winter season. Yes – still winter here. The calendar is definitely wrong.

I used to measure spring’s arrival on relatively warm temperatures, budding flowers, maybe a butterfly or two. Here, it’s based on seeing the birds on the lake who are wondering what the hell happened to the water, I’m sure. Oh, and the amount of ice on the driveway. It’s about half melted from the pic in the previous post. There’s still about foot of snow in the yard in the places I didn’t shovel a path (to the wood pile and woods). There are more days above freezing than not, but it’s still in the teens and 20s at night.