The other day this Utah-sized moose lumbered by the house on the lake. It was about 50 feet offshore – first time I’ve seen one on the frozen lake. I don’t think I’ve even seen tracks on the lake.  This moose was larger than most I’ve seen around here, which is why I call it a “Utah-sized” moose…they grow ’em bigger out west.

For the most part, wildlife sightings have been scarce this winter. Not just seeing the actual animals, but seeing tracks or scat is rare as well. I haven’t even heard the coyote howling in the hills (or ‘mountains’ if you’re local).

No otter this winter, except one set of tracks on the lake back in November. Very few rabbit tracks too. Since there are no otter or rabbit, there are no fox or coyote either. I did see a fox on the road the weekend of the Snodeo in January – it was probably flushed out of the woods by the snowmobilers.

A few of the towns around here devote tax dollars to feed the deer. I know – that is wrong on so many levels. They apparently want fat deer to shoot in the fall and are willing to pay a tax for it.

Anyway, there are always deer near the towns because of the guaranteed buffet. They aren’t like wild deer though. They’re all flabby, like they’ve been eating a lot of fried food and it jiggles just like on fat people. I’ve seen deer wobbling around town like they’re drunk but it’s really because they can’t carry their own weight. Last January I saw a deer wipe out on the icy road as I drove down the road. It was so fat, it took about 20 seconds to get up and out of the road. 20 seconds is a really long time in the life of a deer in the middle of the road. My heart broke for it’s struggle while I parked on the road waiting for it to figure out how to drag its lardass off the road.

The pics below are all from the same pic but with different effects…just futzing around. The 5th (and last) pic is the original image.