I woke up the other morning to a large critter scampering along the heating ducts in the basement.

I suspected there was an mouse or some small creature down there for a few days but assumed it would either find it’s way out on it’s own or stumble into one of the mouse traps strategically placed along the walls. After a couple of days of mystery noises, the creature got hangry. That’s when it started sounding a lot like a monster, slamming into the door, knocking things over, ripping the insulation out and throwing stuff down the stairs. Whatever it was, it was pissed and sounded HUGE.

Since the local pest control guy went south for the winter I had to take care of this one myself. Fortunately the hardware store had a live trap which, with a dab of peanut butter, caught the bugger in about 45 minutes. It’s now happily scurrying around the woods with a bellyful of peanut butter.

Squirrel in the trap

He’s a lot cuter in the cage than when wreaking havoc in the basement.