Yesterday was the first day that hit below zero so far this winter. It got down to -2F at some point overnight.

The lake was really sparkly this morning. It’s frozen to the islands and beyond, though the bigger lakes in the area barely have a fringe of ice on the shoreline.

Yesterday was also the last day of hunting season – yay! That doesn’t mean there won’t be people in the woods with guns but it does mean that there will be fewer of them. October’s moose week was especially nuts this year. There were some real crazies out there – shooting from their vehicle on the main road, shooting at night, shooting within 100 yds of the house. There were hunting violations several times a day (and night) that I could hear from where I sit at my computer. Just raking the yard was pretty spooky and I wore an orange vest while doing it. Just in case. And I wouldn’t let Cleo out the door without her orange vest and on a leash, even while in the yard.

Cleo and I walked along the shore and found these really cool ice feathers. My photography skills don’t show it but in real life they looked like tufts of downy feathers on the ice.