There was an eagle perched on the “cormorant stick” on Friday. I was lucky to have a loon photobomb the eagle.  I wish the pics were better, but the stick is pretty far out on the lake and my camera (and skills) are lacking.

As far as lake birds go this fall, they are few and far between. I think it’s going to be a significant winter. The squirrels are acting like it’s the apocalypse and I haven’t seen or heard a goose in weeks. The eagles are spectacularly active – not a day goes by without seeing several fishing, flying, scrounging. The mergansers are patrolling the shoreline several times a day. and look heavier with every lap. My brief history here has shown that they are almost the last to go so I’m not surprised to see them. Just waiting for the hooded ones to paddle by.

And that one loon in the pics – I think that’s the first one that shows up before the ice is completely melted in the spring and leaves the day before it completely freezes in winter. There’s always the one loitering around and as long as I see that bird, I know I have some time prepare for the bad weather.