This winter has been brutal and it’s only January 4. There have been several days in a row where the high temp was below zero (Fahrenheit). The lowest was -25F on the thermometer. When it’s this cold your boogers freeze, you get an ice cream headache, you can almost feel ice crystals forming in your lungs. It’s time to go in when exposed skin feels pinchy.

Yesterday it got up to 16 degrees, a bona fide heatwave. I wore a fleece I normally use in the fall and felt overdressed. At least there aren’t any bugs.

So, yeah, the cold is awful and something to complain about. At the same time, it’s quite nice just after a snowstorm. Everything is so quiet that the silence almost makes noise. It’s like the desert in the middle of the summer when it’s so hot even the animals take cover. No birds singing, no squirrels rustling in the leaves or tossing pine cones from the treetops onto the roof. The lake is mostly silent underneath a foot of ice. Sublime.