Barking fox

It’s 4:00 am-ish. Cleo starts barking wildly like someone is trying to break into the house, paralyzing me with shock. She doesn’t normally bark during sleep-time so if she is, something is happening.

She barks about 5-10 barks and then pauses. I hear what sounds like a small dog barking outside in response. Then Cleo replies with another round of barks. Pause. Small dog replies. This exchange continues for about 5 minutes. The small dog outside circles the house while barking. Cleo follows it from inside going room to room and barks back at it. Meanwhile, I lie frozen in bed, paralyzed with the panic from Cleo’s initial bark.

When I recover from the panic I look out the window for the barking dog, hoping there’s enough moonlight to see it. I shiver at the thought of getting dressed for single-digit cold to go outside and rescue the poor pup.

Squinting into the frozen moonlit yard without my glasses, I peek through the frosty windows to determine the fate of the rest of my night. Er… morning.

It’s the fox. I’m so glad it’s the fox. No braving the cold in the dark trying to lure a freezing, and likely abandoned, dog into the house.

What did I learn? Fox bark like dogs.